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General Rules for the Tournaments

Dear users of WePlay.TV! Taking into consideration the large quantity of the tournaments held on our site, we decided to publish the general set of rules for all the disciplines which mainly concern the norms of behavior during the tournaments on the site.

It is forbidden to:

• Create account names using expletives or rude words. Owners of such accounts will not be allowed to participate in the tournament;
• Give names to the teams using expletives or rude words. Participants of such teams will not be allowed to take part in the tournament;
• Use avatars with obscene content;
• Scream, yell or use swear words at the tournament venue (LAN tournaments). Three warnings mean disqualification;
• Leave the tournament venue on your own will without informing the referee. If it becomes a reason of 15 minutes delay in match playing, a forfeit loss will be awarded to the team.