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Tournaments FAQ

How to confirm the participation in the tournament?
After applying for the tournament you need to confirm the participation. You can do this on the same page but in the specified time. Usually the confirmation starts 30 minutes before the tournament beginning.

Where can I find the chat?
With the purpose to facilitate the search of rival we created special chat located in the game’s client (PvP.net). Between the signs "Friend List" and "!" you can find one more icon denoting the game’s chat. Enter the name of the room (for example, WePlay 1x1) and you will see the chat containing all the participants of different tournaments by WePlay.TV.

How can I enter the results and where should I download the screenshots?
You don’t need to download screenshots. Save them during the tournament as evidence, which you can use in case of results’ challenging. To enter the results you need to chose section “Matches” on the tournament page and to do some easy actions:

1) to find your match;
2) to press “Results”;
3) winner puts number “1” opposite his/her name and “0” opposite the loser’s name;
4) loser must confirm the results already put by the winner in “Matches” section.