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On our home page you can always find the information about the most important events, in which you can bet through WePlay Bets. The list of all the matches for betting is available on the separate page in “Bets” section.

On the home page “important” events are highlighted with orange color. Usually these are the matches of famous teams, finals or showmatches.
On the white background you can see the matches, which will be held in the nearest time, they are sorted by dates. If you want to have a look at all the available bets, you need to click "Watch matches schedule" or just go to "Bets" section using site menu.

For example, you have chosen the match on the home page. Then you have to click "Make a bet".

So, having clicked the corresponding button, you will be moved to the page of bet, where you have to make your choice in favor of a particular outcome of the match. There are several variants of outcomes, on which you can bet:

W1 – winning of Team 1 (Player 1);
Х – draw;
W2 – winning of Team 2 (Player 2);
Х1 – winning of Team 1 (Player 1) or a draw
12 – winning of Team 1or Team 2 (Player 1 or Player 2)* - only in cases when a draw is possible in a match;
Х2 – winning of Team 2 (Player 2) or a draw.

In some matches you can find only a part of the listed outcomes. It occurs due to the fact that some matches cannot be ended with a draw, and, therefore, you can bet only on the win of one of the teams.

Every outcome has its own odd. This indicator helps to understand how high or low is a chance to have the match ended exactly with such outcome. The lower the odd is, the more likely that the match will be finished in such a way. For example:

The match is between two teams: Quantic Gaming vs. Rattle Snake.

- Odd for winning of Quantic Gaming is 2.53
- Odd for winning of Rattle Snake is 1.37

Looking at the numbers, we assume that the chance of Quantic Gaming to win is lower than the chance of Rattle Snake. This way you can predict a victory of a team and bet on its winning.

Besides, the odds determine the amounts of your winnings in case you have guessed the outcomes of events. For example, you bet 100 WP on the winning of Rattle Snake. In case of positive outcome of the match in favor of Rattle Snake, your gain will compose 137 WP. If you bet 100 WP on the winning of Quantic Gaming, your will receive 253 WP.

So, you have chosen an event and are ready to bet. To do this, put a check mark next to the chosen event and click "Make a single bet." More information about “Single bet (REFERENCE)” and “Express bet (REFERENCE)” you can find following the corresponding links. When you click "Make a single bet", you will see a dialog box with the information about your current balance (WP). You will be asked to specify the amount and the currency in which you want to bet.

After making a bet, you will be redirected to “History of bets” page, where you can monitor the status of your bet. As soon as the match ends and its result is updated on the website, you will be notified via private messages about your bet (whether your bet has played or not).

If you decide to make a bet through “Bets” section, you will be redirected to the page, where you can find a list of all the bets available at the moment.

On the left side you will find a menu enabling to filter out the discipline, and as a result to facilitate the search.

After you have chosen a match, you need to click on the odd of one of the possible events in the chosen match, and then to click “Make a single bet.” Next, you have to follow some easy steps described above.

In addition to the standard events for betting there can be also non-standard ones, suitable only for certain games and categories. If you click "Show additional conditions”, you can see all possible additional outcomes of the match, and you can also bet on them. All these events have the odds equal to 2.

After making a bet, you can monitor it in “History of bets” section of your profile.

All the information concerning bets will be shown in this section.

P.S. Dear users! Before betting, please, read the rules of WePlay Bets!