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Зачем нужны Virtual Points?

We understand that 100 WP can easily disappear and your balance can easily become equal to zero, and as there is no possibility to buy this currency, there must be another way of how to replenish it. Our “WePlay bets” service offers you several ways of obtaining WePlay Points:

- Daily visit of the site. The most devoted users, that will visit our site every day, will be rewarded with additional 10 WP. You just need to login under your name, and your balance will be immediately increased by a corresponding amount.

You can receive WePlay Points every 20 hours from the moment of your last visit to the site. Accrual occurs in the following cases:

- user entered the site using the common form of entering;
- user entered the site using form of entering through VK;
- when 20 hours from the moment of your last visit to the site have passed, you automatically receive 10 WP if you are online (under your login) at that moment. It means that you do not need to logout and then to login again to receive WP.

IMPORTANT! Bonus of 10 WP can be accrued only to the account under which you logged in within the last 20 hours. If during this time you enter the site using the other account, 10 WP will not be accrued. When 20 hours from the moment of your last visit to the site have passed, you can enter the site using any of your accounts. But you should remember, that only that account will receive bonus within the next 20 hours.

- Different events in social networks. If you think that we will let you get bored - no, nothing of the sort! We will regularly hold a variety of different events, contests, prize drawings in social networks, where you can win WP and use it for betting in the future.

- Participation in championships. If you are not just a passive observer, there is one more way to increase you WP account - participation in our tournaments and leagues. The best players or teams will be awarded with WePlay Points, which can be used wisely in the future. 

For what purposes do you need Virtual Points?