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How to buy items

If you have already decided what item you would like to buy, then go to the page of the item to make an order. To do this, simply click on the item you like.

You will find all the necessary information concerning the item on its page: detailed photos, description, bonuses for the purchase (if the product is in the list of special offers), etc.

If you want to add the item to the cart, you have to click "Buy" button. Once you did it, you will see a message “Item is added to cart” (the cart itself can be found in the upper left corner of the website). If you want to buy several different items, just go back to the shop and choose the other items you are interested in. After fulfillment of the same procedure you will have the chosen items in your cart.

After adding all the desirable items to the cart, you have to place your order. To do this, move your mouse cursor on the cart and click "Checkout".


You will be redirected to the page where you should specify all the necessary data to implement your order. After filling in your personal data, delivery address, and choosing the method of payment, you can easily click the "Order" button.

1. If you choose the cashless way of payment, you will be redirected to the page of payment system convenient for you;
2. If you choose to pay with USD or WP, then the specified amount will be debited from your personal account;
3. If you choose the cash payment method, you should come to the specified address where you can receive your goods and pay for them.

Once you have made your order and paid for it, you can track its status in the "Orders History" section. This section can be found in your personal profile.

"Orders History" section allows you to have all the necessary information about your current and also previous orders: date of ordering, price, method of payment, bonuses, shipping method, shipping address, etc.

If you have placed your order, but you cannot pay for it at the moment, it will be saved in your profile in "Orders History" section. Later, when you are able to pay for it, you can instantly return to the order and make the payment. So, you have the possibility to prepare in advance to purchase a particular item.

Every time you visit the website, you will receive a notification saying that you have an unpaid order. In such a way you will not forget that you wanted to buy something, and this will also allow you to get instantly to the section where you can pay your order.