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Tournament sponsors:

WePlay! Hearthstone Cup #270

Regulations and rules

How to participate in the tournament:


Sign up at http://weplay.tv.

Apply for participation in any tournament you’re interested in


General Statements:

1.1. Hearthstone game version: the latest up-to-date version

1.2. Server: Europe

1.3. Tournament format: 1-vs-1

1.4. Game mode: Standard


Tournament System:

2.1. Match format: Conquest

2.2. Single Elimination. Matches are held until a player gets two wins (bo3). Final match runs up to three wins (bo5).


Match Rules:

3.1. In order to participate in a tournament, player needs to sign up for it, go through the confirmation process at the tournament page. Usually this process starts 60 minutes before the start of a match. You can find detailed information about it in the table at the tournament page.

3.2. All players must gather 10 minutes before the assigned time and prepare for match. If player fails to prepare for match before the assigned time (connection issues, client update getting installed or any other technical reason which depends on the player only), he gets a default loss.

3.3. Players MUST be present in TOURNAMENT CHAT.

3.4. If player does not respond 15 minutes after a bracket is formed (or after his match appears in the “Matches” tab), he gets a default loss if there are screenshots proving it.

3.5. All players must have correct BattleTag set in their profile at WePlay.TV website. (nickname_**** where "_" is used instead of "#")

3.6. Player must add his/her opponent using the BattleTag specified at WePlay.TV website replacing "_" with "#" (for example: if it says igor_1234 at the website, then we add igor#1234 in the game)

3.7. Each player must prepare 3 classes in order to play in the tournament. Players tell each other which classes are going to be used in the game chat one after another (the player placed higher in the tournament bracket tells the first class and then players do it in turns). In addition, player cannot have more than one deck for each class in the deck selection menu. Otherwise, the player gets a default loss.

Player has a right to request a screenshot of the deck selection menu from the opponent after class selection. The best to use http://prnt.sc/ or http://imgur.com/ for screenshot hosting. Exiting lobby automatically leads to the loss.

3.8. Tournament players will know the classes their opponents use to play but will not know which class deck the opponents pick in the beginning of the match – until both players make their pick.

3.9. When a player wins a game, the class he/she used can be no longer used till the end of this particular match.

3.10. The loser is allowed to use the same deck or switch it at his/her own discretion.

3.11. If you get disconnected during the match, then the game is recorded as a loss if you didn’t manage to or choose not to reconnect. The only exception is a situation where you’d lethal the opponent at your turn before you get disconnected and if you made a screenshot of it.

3.12. In case of a draw – the game is replayed with the same decks.

3.13. If both players get disconnected during the game and none of them has lethal on board – the game gets replayed.

3.14. To avoid any disputable situations, we strongly recommend you make screenshots of each victory and be ready to provide them to the referee if requested.


Bugs, Restrictions, Unfair Play and Sanctions:

4.1. Foul language, humiliation and insulting of opponents, players and referees are strictly prohibited. One of the referees has to document the fact of such behavior.

4.2. It is strongly forbidden to delay the match start. If any player intentionally drags out the match start (long smoke and bathroom breaks, meal times, etc.), he/she might receive a technical loss.

4.3. Bad sportsmanship is forbidden (match sabotage, for instance). By breaking the rule, player can get a warning or a technical loss in the tournament.

4.4. Player’s BattleTag must be decent and have no explicit words, racism propaganda or any other kind of hatred towards any race.


Search for opponent and setting the result:

5.1. To find an opponent quickly, all participants must be present in the TOURNAMENT CHAT at the website. Besides, you can find out your opponent’s nickname by looking at his/her profile in the “In game” tab at WePlay.TV.

5.3. When match ends, the winner must add match result to the “Matches” menu. ATTENTION: YOU MUST ONLY ADD THE FINAL RESULT OF THE MATCH.

We recommend asking your opponent to confirm the result after the match concludes.

5.2. In case if opponent does not confirm the result, the winner must let referee know about the result in the TOURNAMENT CHAT attaching screenshots of the victories as well. The result must be provided in this form:


[Name of winner at WePlay.TV website] 2:1 [Name of loser at WePlay.TV website]


For example: Hitras 2:1 ДрУиД


Websites we recommend to use for your screenshots: http://prnt.sc/ or http://imgur.com/


5.3. After all requirements for the win are met, both players must make the victory screenshots. Note that your nickname and your opponent’s nickname must be visible in the picture. In case there is no screenshot provided or your opponent’s nickname is not visible in it, the match will end as technical loss.

5.4. If opponent does not dispute the result, you are not obligated to provide the screenshot to referee. However, if referee requests the screenshot, player must provide one. If the player fails to prove his/her victory (screenshot), victory is cancelled.

Result Disputes and Solution of Questionable Situations:

6.1. All complaints are up for consideration only during first 15 minutes after the game concludes; if there are no complaints during this period of time, game results are no longer reviewed.

6.2. Tournament referee makes his/her decisions according to these Rules and Regulations. In disputable and non-typical situations, referee has the right to solve any situation on his own. Solution of a referee is final and not subject to appeal or discussion.

6.3. Each complaint must have a proof backing it. Don’t stop yourself from making screenshots of any kind of issues – it will help you secure yourself from unfair complaints and prove you’re right. 


The list of rules in effect can be supplemented or modified.